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Welcome to The Official Run 3 Wiki! Here you will find all the information about the characters of Run 3, how to unlock the achievements and much more!

Run 3 - a game by KongregateEdit

"Run, skate, float, bounce, and/or jump your way through even more space tunnels! Don’t worry if they fall apart on you, repairing them is someone else’s job." - the description of Run 3 (by Kongregate)

Whether you want to explore the many levels and tunnels of infinite mode or you want to challenge your friends and set a new high score on infinite mode, Run 3 (aka just 'Run' on the mobile version) similar to Run and Run 2, is a game which involves running and jumping through space tunnels. The main point of the game is to find your way home, by checking all the tunnels and completing the levels.

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Infinite mode

Explore mode

Galaxy map